Meet Your New York State Google Certified Trainers and Master Trainers

Google Certified Trainers

Tom Diener 
Tom is a member of NYIT’s Technology Based Learning Systems Team. TBLS helps NYS Teacher Centers bring rich technology resources into the classroom. Tom coordinates the both the NYS Intel Teach Program and Google Apps for New York State Program.  He is also a Google Certified Teacher (NYC ’07). Click here to view a short video about Tom.

Felicia Armetta 
Instructional Technology Specialist with the UFT Teacher Center, supporting and mentoring TC staff in New York City. She's a technology mentor for candidates in the UFT Teacher Center National Board study group. Felicia is an Intel Master Trainer, a Thinkfinity Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher (NYC ’08). She has many years of experience (PreK - Junior High) having begun her career as a reading teacher 30 years ago.

Kelley Batrowny
GST BOCES  Instructional Technology Specialist, supporting Watkins Glen Central Schools and Odessa Montour Central Schools.  I spend some time working regionally as well and teaching Model Schools Technology Courses.  I teach Google classes, Web 2.0 applications, and ToolboxPRO (GST BOCES). 

Barbara Knab                            
Barbara is Director of M-TRACT Teacher Center in Massapequa, member of NYS TC Tech Committee and former computer programming teacher. I am a master trainer for Intel, and certified to train Thinkfinity, SAS Curriculum Pathways, Professor Garfield and Oracle Thinkquest."  Click here to view a short video about Barbara.

Carol LaRow 

Carol has been doing staff development, trainings, and keynote addresses for the past 17 years, with a focus on integrating technology into the curriculum.  She offers Google workshops for school districts, conferences, BOCES, teacher centers, library associations, and presents at national and statewide conferences where she is often a featured speaker.

Nancy  Mazzella
Instructional Tech Specialist with UFT Teacher Center.  Facilitator for technology initiatives such as Intel Teach Programs and Thinkfinity.    

Craig Mantin
Craig is an Instructional Technology Specialist for the North Rockland Central SD, and an adjunct for New York Institute of Technology's Graduate Instructional Technology Program. Craig is also a Google Certified Teacher (Sydney, Australia, 2011), and a CRSTE/Schrock Digital Pioneer Honoree. Click here to view a short video about Craig. 

Dave Mayotte
I have a Bachelor's degree from the Ithaca College School of Music, and Masters degree in Instructional Technology from NYIT, I taught high school music and have been an Instructional Support Specialist for Technology for the GST BOCES. I work with a team of Instructional Support Specialists and I'm on the Distance Learning Team.  Click here to view a short video about Dave.

Ed Murray
Ed is a Technology Trainer, K-12 in the TBLS department at NYIT.  The TBLS department works with the New York State Teacher Centers to deliver educational tools to the classroom.  Ed is also a ThinkQuest Projects Facilitator Trainer, Intel Master Trainer for Leadership Forum and Essentials, and a certified NYS Social Studies teacher. Click here to view a short video about Ed.

Vincent  Pilato   

Susan Rodriguez                           
I am a Math and 21st Century Skills computer skills teacher in the Glen Cove School district. I have 18 years experience as a teacher. I am an Intel Master Trainer and have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from NYIT.
Click here to view a short video about Susan

Mark Sturges
Mark is the Chief Information Officer and IT Director at Keene Central School, in the Adirondacks.  He has implemented GAFE for his school district, using: mail, docs, sites, and calendar.   Mark is also a  Powerschool consultant.and participates in Power School University national training programs.

Jeff  Tham
Technology Director at Bradford Central School District and represent the Greater Southern Tier BOCES.  Over 8 years experience in the technology industry and system engineering. 

Master Trainers

Leslie Accardo
I have been the Model Schools Coordinator at LHRIC for 14  years in the gorgeous Hudson Valley Region. Prior, I was a middle school teacher in a Catholic school, and worked for various educational software publishers and resellers. I currently partner with 42 public districts in Putnam, Westchester and Rockland, and get asked every other week "what is the RIC doing to support Google?" Hopefully I will have a suitable response after our 90 days together...visit us at

Mike Amante

I work in the New Hartford Central School District as the district's Technology Integration Specialist, working with closely with teachers, students, and administrators K-12 to use technology effectively. In addition to my work across the district, I also teaches Computer Applications, Web Design, and Video Production courses at our Junior and Senior High schools each day. Over the past three years, much of my work has focused on our adoption of Google Apps for all faculty, staff, as well as all students in Grades 6-12. Most directly, much of my Computer Applications course involves teaching students how to use Google Apps to complete their schoolwork. Professionally beyond my employment, I am an Apple Distinguished Educator as well as a Google Certified Teacher which has allowed me to present locally, regionally, and nationally about technology can be used to improve teaching and learning.

Peter Apps
I teach Regents Chemistry and Physics at Wheatland-Chili High School, a small district located outside of Rochester NY. I have also served as an informal trainer for my district with incorporating Google tools in the classroom. I look forward to learning more about GAFE and how it's implementation will enhance my instruction and the instruction of my collegues.


Trudy Bantle
I am a High School Social Studies teacher using Google Apps with 11th grade students to improve their writing skills.  It has been very helpful for students share ideas, do peer editing and has created literacy growth in each my students.  I am also a Thinkfinity and Intel trainer, a National Board Certified Teacher and a candidate support facilitator for teachers working toward National Board Certification.                        

Mary Lynn Collins-Callanan
I am a Model Schools Coordinator for the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC). I work exclusively with 26 districts in providing communication tools for district advocacy, teaching and learning. In this position although I spend every day working mostly with District and school based administrators, teachers and staff I ultimately work for our kids. My goal is to provide  students  with tools that will help them create, learn  and meet their life long learning goals.

Jennifer Farr
I am a certified New York State administrator who has 17+ years experience working directly with K-12 teachers, students, and technology.  I have been a keynote speaker and presented various technology integration workshops at the local, regional, and national level.  In the past I published an inquiry based monthly online resource site that was used by educators in 200+ school districts across New York State.  I currently host an educational technology blog at  

Pamela Furline                           
American Sign Language Teacher at Hempstead High School. Member of NYSUT Technology Committee and Policy Board member for Hempstead Teachers Center. I am a master trainer for Intel and Mimo. Nationally certified American Sign Language Interpreter and certified to train Thinkfinity and SAS Curriculum Pathways. I conduct professional development training in my district for faculty and staff. Very excited about completing this training for Google.

Donald Heberer
I am an ESBOCES Technology Integration Specialist for Model Schools. I have been providing Technology Staff Development for the last 4 years. In addition to ESBOCES, I am also one of the off-campus instructors for Stony Brook University for the Technology and Society Department. Lastly, I am also a co-owner of a Technology-based fitness company called iGame4.   

Tricia Interrante
My name is Tricia Interrante.  I am the Technology Director of the William Floyd School District.  Our district is towards the east end of LI and consists of 8 buildings, about 9400 students and a little over 1000 staff members.  I have been in Educational Technology for over 10 years now and  I administer the both the instructional and administrative side of the networks here in William Floyd.  I have two children, 5 year old twins, Jack and Emily, that take up my personal time and love technology as much as I do.  

Derek LaLonde
I've been a model schools coordinator for 7 years at the Mohawk Regional Information Center. I currently work from our satellite office out of Jefferson-Lewis BOCES located in Watertown, NY. I graduated in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from SUNY Potsdam. Some of the main focuses I have is gaming in education, google apps, mobile devices, online instruction via Blackboard and Adobe Connect, and website implementation with tools such as SchoolWorld and SchoolFusion.

Dan LaFica            
Director of the Wayne-Finger Lakes Teacher Center in Newark, NY. I am a retired science teacher (Earth Science and Physics) from the Palmyra-Macedon School district in upstate NY.  I am also an Intel Senior Trainer and a Thinkfinity trainer.

John-Henry Lane
I'm a Model Schools Coordinator from the Mohawk Regional Information Center in Verona, NY. My focus is on technology integration with teachers throughout our 52 Districts. My areas of expertise include the use of Apple related hardware and software, the Blackboard LMS, SchoolFusion, SchoolWorld and SchoolCenter Web Presence products and Google Tools in Education. 

Neil MacDermott                           
Neil MacDermott is an enrichment teacher for gifted and talented students on Long Island and also serves as the director of the Valley Stream Teacher Resource and Computer Training Center. In that capacity, he organizes and facilitates training in many areas of instructional technology. He is a Senior Trainer for Intel and is certified to train in Thinkfinity, SAS Curriculum Pathways, Professor Garfile and Oracle's ThinkQuest. He is very eager to complete trainining in Google Applications, as the tools will greatly enhance educational communication, teacher instruction and student learning.

Perri Nation  
I teach English at Southampton High School. I have a masters degree in educational technology from C.W.Post. I run professional development courses for technology integration in my school district and local teacher center. I am also certified by NYS as an Educational Technology Specialist.

Kathleen Pantaleo                           
Hi!  I'm Kathleen, Educational Technology Specialist from the William Floyd School District.  I am a 2002 graduate of Providence College and a 2005 graduate of SUNY Stony Brook. I am certified Thinkfinity, Intel, Easiteach, and PolyVision.  I am on the William Floyd Teacher Center Policy Board.  Also, I'm a self proclaimed Disney nut!

Michael Pincus
I am have been an elementary computer teacher at the Quaker Ridge school in Scarsdale, NY for the past 9 years.  Prior to this I was a classroom teacher in Scarsdale and Lakeland School District.  In my current position, I work with teachers to design innovative technology projects and implement them in their classroom.  I am a certified SMART Board instructor and have a passion for helping teachers and students share and present their work online. I have presented using Google Docs in the classroom at a number of technology conferences.

Al Pisano
I am a Staff Developer at Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Model Schools for the past ten years.  I am also the Administrator for the Off Campus Educational Computing Program at Stony Brook University and have been teaching there at the graduate level for the past ten years.  Myself and Don Heberer have co-written four graduate classes in Educational Computing at Stony Brook and have updated and amended an additional eight courses.   I am also the president of iGame4 an innovative, fast growing company that encourages kids to be physically fit through active video games.

Brad Posnanski
I am a High School Math teacher.  I have been one of the more forward thinkers in our building and district with regard to technology and trying to implement it in the classroom.  I have spoken at many T-cubed Texas Instruments regional conferences and have also led many staff development workshops on integrating technology in the classroom. Most recently has been the use of the interactive whiteboard in the math classroom.  

Mindy Schwartz                           
Mindy Schwartz is a dedicated educator with eighteen years experience teaching in New York City Public Schools. For the past twelve years she has served as a Technology Specialist for the UFT Teacher Center coaching educators in technology integration with a focus on interactive technology, 21st Century Skills, Web 2.0 and project-based learning. She is a trainer for Verizon Thinkfinity, Intel Teach and Google Apps for Education.

Brian C.Smith                           
Brian holds a Masters degree in Math, Science & Technology from St. John Fisher College and has 15 years experience in education.  He is currently an Instructional Specialist at Monroe #1 BOCES serving school districts east of Rochester, NY.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education (NYSCATE) and is a member of the NYS Model Schools Consortium, ISTE, and ASCD. His passion for learning with computer and technology is inspired by Dr. Seymour Papert.

Patricia Sweeney                           
Instructional Technology Specialist for UFT Teacher Center. Support TC schools throughout NYC on Instructional Technology initiatives. 24 years teaching experience with NYC Schools.(Special Education-HS).

Jeff  Tham                           
Technology Director at Bradford Central School District and represent the Greater Southern Tier BOCES.  Over 8 years experience in the technology industry and system engineering. 

Dave Waltman                
Webster Central School District Social Studies teacher for 19 years (AP Psychology).  Senior Project Coordinator, Webster Teacher Center Chairperson. Led Professional Development workshops. Adjunct Professor at Nazareth College (Educational Technology) Google Certified Teacher 2010. 

Lisa Watson
I am a Library Media Specialist for a Jr./Sr. High School in Elmsford, NY.  I am also certified and taught on the Elementary Level.   I am the Policy Board Chair for our Teacher Center and love to learn.

Christopher Williams     

William Zimmerman
I have been in education for 39 years. This includes teaching secondary school mathematics for 12 years, serving as a district-wide technology coordinator for 24 years, and teaching at the college level and doing extensive K-12 professional development for the past 3 years.